“The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” – William Faulker

I’m a forensic writer. I like to recreate faces, beginnings and events. I also love history and mysteries, and good stories with plenty of twists and turns. This aptitude and interest made a perfect match with researching and writing my family history.

I like finding bits of myself, likes and tendencies in my ancestors. They are a connection and a clue to their personalities and mine. I also like following in their footsteps to try to understand how they were shaped by their environment and times.

Like most family migrations, I followed members of my family–sister, mother and uncle–to resettle in Florida from the northeast U.S.  I enjoy the fresh seafood, fruits and vegetables from the area, exploring parks and nature preserves, and going on fossil hunts. The best finds are always a surprise.

Karen Doherty