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Sister Time and A Beautiful Walk

My sister, Sharon M. Doherty Longworth, and my brother-in-law, Christopher Longworth, enjoyed a good visit with us last month. On Thursday afternoon, October 14, 2021 we had a beach walk at Orient State Park. The weather was picture-perfect. We even found beach glass for Sharon.  Chris made a video which captures that most beautiful memory of that day.
Orient Beach Video 101421

Mina Tran Irwin

Mina Tran was born in Perth, Australia on February 14, 1985.  Valentine’s Day could not be a better symbol for her loving heart and kind nature.  Her parents were born in Vietnam and immigrated to Australia in the aftermath of the “American” or “Vietnam” war. Eventually they made their home in Sydney and were successful entrepreneurs. A boy I went out with in high school, Brian Orr, was killed in...