Sister Time and A Beautiful Walk

My sister, Sharon M. Doherty Longworth, and my brother-in-law, Christopher Longworth, enjoyed a good visit with us last month. On Thursday afternoon, October 14, 2021 we had a beach walk at Orient State Park. The weather was picture-perfect. We even found beach glass for Sharon.  Chris made a video which captures that most beautiful memory of that day.
Orient Beach Video 101421

Mom’s Anniversary

January 8, 2021 is the 10th anniversary of my mother’s death. Helen Louise Anderson Doherty was born at home in Elizabeth, New Jersey on September 10, 1923.  She spent most of her life in New Jersey, and her later years in Vermont and Florida. Mom was the third child and second daughter of Anna Pavlosk and Clarence Anderson.  She was probably the least liked of her siblings since she was selfish...

Finding Feathers

30 years ago I found feathers in my path whenever I walked in the woods near our house in Pennsylvania. I used the feathers to complete two masks.  Once the masks were made, no more feathers. One mask was an ancestor; the other was to complete a mask of a woman who practiced seior or seidhr. She was a Seiokona or Volva, a practitioner of ancient Norse magic and seeing. The feathers pushed me to...

The Chinese Wife

My mother told me that Dad, Eugene Nason Doherty, married a woman when he lived in China.  Her father sold her to him, and he married her in a “Chinese ceremony.”  She was about 13 or 14.  Dad was stationed near Peiping, (Beijing) China in 1945-1946. He left the young woman in China when he was shipped backed to the United States.  He went home to his wife, Helen Anderson Doherty, who he married...