The Family Farm Hurv to the Andersen Family in Froland, Norway

The Hurv farm was in Froland, a municipality about 10 miles north of Grimstad.  It borders Grimstad and Arendal in Aust Agder county.  In 1968, family members still lived on the farm. It is spelled Fróðaland (“Froo’s (farm) land”) in Old Norse. Grimstad is a coastal town in southern Norway.

Arne, Gunvor, Odd (in sweater), Harald 1968

According to Odd Ronning Andersen, a cousin I corresponded with in 1968/1969, Norwegians used their farm name (Hurv) as part of their last name.  I was 16/17 and Odd was 49. when I wrote to him. He had two teenage sons about my age. All of the family members could read, write and speak English.  Odd was descended from Anders Kittelsen Hurv’s son, Schjelluf Andersen.  According to Odd, “the names Anders, Kittel, Schjelluf are the most used names for men in the family.  For women the names are Anna, Birte, Maren and Marte.”

This genealogy list was compiled from a 1967 letter from Edith Thompson Andersen to Helen Anderson Doherty, a chart sketched by Lars Jacobsen and Edith Thompson in 1967, letters from Odd Andersen to Karen Doherty 1968/69, Bob Anderson’s exchanges on in 2003, and family papers Churchill Thompson given to Karen Doherty in 1999.  Bold names are people in my lineal descent.

The chart begins: “The family HURV. From the farm Hurv in Froland, later in Grimstad, Norway.”

KITTEL SCHJELLUSFSEN HURV.  Born ca. 1700.  Married Anne Jonsdotter.

Son: Schjelluf Kittelsen Hurv

Daughter: BIRTE KITTELSDOTTER (1729-1813) married (1749) to Anders Rasmussen Hurv.  (1717-1795).  Anders Rasmussen Hurv’s parents were Rasmus Olsen Oveland (1683-1730) and Gunnild Joensdatter.  His grandfather was Ole Kristoffersen Oveland (died around 1704).

Son: KITTEL ANDERSEN HURV.  (1759-1850) Married Maren Eriksdotter (1781-1855)

Son: Erik

Daughter: Berte

Daughter: Marte

Son:  ANDERS KITTELSEN HURV.  Born 1803, died 1891. Married Anne Torine Schjellufsdotter Messel in Froland, Aust-Agder, Norway on November 13, 1839.  She was born in 1814 or 1817. Anders Kittelsen moved to Grimstad in 1842.

Son – Schjelluf Andersen.  Born 1843, died 1940.  Married Anna Olesen (1843-1924)

Daughter – Anna

Son: Albert Andersen 1886

His son:  Odd Ronning Andersen 1919

His sons:  Harald- 1949, Arne – 1954

Daughter – Maren Andersdotter Hurv – born around 1846

Married Schelluf Persen Messel

Daughter: Martha (Hosche) – 98 years old. Oslo 1968

Daughter: Birgit (Christensen)  86 years old. Oslo (lived in England many years)

Daughter: Karen

Daughter: Ragnhild (Afflecs, England)

Daughter: Anna

Son: Schjelluf

Son – Kittel Andersen – born July 31, 1840 or 1841 in Fjaere, Aust-Agder, died 1922 in Grimstad.  Name also spelled as Ketil.  Wife’s name and dates unknown.

Kittel Andersen’s children were Anders, Maren, Anna and Katinka.

They all immigrated to America.  The descendants settled in New Jersey; Brooklyn, Staten Island, Long Island, New York, and from there to Connecticut, North Dakota and California.

Kittel Andersen’s Daughter- Maren Andersen

Married Fred Jacobson.  Had children – Lars Jacobsen, Karsten, Marie, Astrid.

Kittel Andersen’s Daughter –Anna Andersen – married twice to Jens Sand and a Hansen/son. Children from both marriages: Alfred Sand, Florence Sand, Williams Sand, Ruth Hanson, Ernom Hansen. All in US – South Dakota and California.

Kittel Andersen’s Daughter – Katinka Andersen – returned to Norway.  Died unmarried in 1966 in Grimstad at the age of 92. Born around 1874.

Anders Andersen late 19th century

Kittel Andersen’s Son – Anders Andersen – also known as “Andrew.” (Clarence Anderson, my grandfather) called him “Uncle Andy” even though he was a first cousin since he was 24 years older. Anders Andersen was 71 years old when he died on August 18, 1941.  He went to school in Norway to 8th grade. He became a US citizen on January 19, 1898.  He married Ann Fenlon (or Finlan) on May 2, 1899 at Holy Rosary Church, Elizabeth, NJ. In 1900 Census, they lived at 23 Atlantic Street in Elizabeth with his wife’s parents and other relatives. Karl Andersen (Carl Andersen) and his wife and children lived a few houses away at 13 Atlantic Street! He lived at 745 Jersey Avenue in Elizabeth, NJ when he died. Buried in Graceland Memorial Park, NJ. Funeral handled by Daniel J. Leonard, 240-242 West Jersey Street, Elizabeth.

Anders Andersen’s Wife – Anne, (called Annie and Nan) Fenlon or Finlan. (Uncle Ernie/Mom used to call them the “Finlands”) – Mom said Aunt Nan was a nasty person.  She told me a story about a visit to Aunt Nan and Uncle Andy. Aunt Nan gave Florence a doll, but refused to give her sister, Helen (Mom) a doll.  Aunt Nan’s daughter, Helen, intervened, and gave Mom a doll to hold.  According to Aunt Edith (Leach Andersen) her daughter-in-law, Nan is the person who destroyed several boxes of papers and photographs of the Andersen/son family.  According to Aunt Edith she had a “thing” for the Andersens.) Annie Fenlon/Finlan Andersen died on September 6, 1964. She was born on November 2, 1874. She was baptized at St. Patrick’s Church in Elizabeth.  In her obituary she was described as a descendant of the Fenlon family, one of the oldest in Elizabeth. The 1900 Census describes her as the daughter of Irish immigrants! Her funeral was handled by Daniel J. Leonard Funeral Home.  She’s buried in Graceland Memorial Park. Fodder for a future post:  Why did she hate the Andersens?

Florence and Helen Anderson, 1920s

Anders Andersen’s Daughter – Helen Andersen Smith was born on September 4, 1914. Baptized at the Church of St. Joseph of the Palisades, West New York, New Jersey on September 13, 1914. Mother met Helen.  She died at age 26 (1940) of pneumonia. Full name:  Maria Helen Andersen.  Mom said she was a kind, beautiful woman. Wavy blond hair.

Anders Andersen’s Son – Andrew R. Andersen – born May 2, 1902 in Hoboken, NJ. He died on November 11, 1976.  He came to my first wedding in 1972 and gave a toast in Norwegian. I remember him as very jolly and friendly. Andy played the piano and saxophone. He married Edith (Leach) Thompson, who had a son, Churchill Thompson.  Churchill Thompson (“Uncle Buddy”) married Florence M. Anderson, Mom’s older sister.  He lived at 941 Pennington Street in Elizabeth.  Funeral was handled by Leonard Home for Funerals, 242 Jersey Street, Elizabeth.  Andrew and Edith Andersen are buried in Graceland, section – Holly, Lots 14C – 4 graves.  Edith Leach Thompson Andersen died on April 1, 1981. I am very grateful to Aunt Edith for staying in touch with the various Andersen branches and saving some photos and family items.

Carl Anderson/Karl Andersen 1880s or 1890s

Anders Kittelsen Hurv’s Son – KARL ANDERSEN (CARL ANDERSON) – Born June 23, 1856, died 1930, Elizabeth, NJ

Became a US citizen – 1888

Married:  Johanna Maria Hansen in 1890 in Elizabeth, NJ

Son – CLARENCE ANDERSON – born March 20, 1894, died January 28, 1953. Married Anna Paloske (July 19, 1898 – October 5, 1937) on February 23, 1917.

Children:  Carl (1917), Florence (1920), Helen (1923), Ernest (1925), Ruth (1928), Clarence (David)(1930), Clara (1933), Grace, Gertrude (1935)

Clarence Anderson

Carl’s daughters – Patricia, Donna

Florence – no children

Helen’s daughters – Karen, Sharon

Ernest’s children – Anna Marie, Laurie Anne, Ernest Frank II

Ruth’s daughters – Kathleen, Patricia

David’s sons – Thomas, Robert

Clara’s son – John

Grace’s daughter – Leslie

Gertrude – died in infancy




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